Staplefords Shovel


  • AN INDISPENSABLE TOOL When you need to move a large amount of material around with minimal effort. Staplefords Shovel is the ideal size and shaped shovel, you can get a lot done with this tool from digging, lifting, and moving bulk materials, such as soil, coal, gravel, snow, sand, or ore.
  • REINFORCED STEEL The reinforced forged steel square head is an alloy of carbon and iron that is compressed under extreme pressure to make a very hard and strong substance, hardened and tempered for durability. The bonus of forged steel is that the metal becomes stronger than equivalent types that are cast or machined.
  • HANDLE DESIGN Fibreglass handles are tougher and can take more punishment than traditional wooden handles. They have great shock absorption properties and are very durable. One big advantage that fibreglass handles have over wooden handles is that they are not nearly as sensitive to the environment. A fibreglass handled shovel can fall into muck, spend the night in the back of a pickup truck in freezing conditions, be covered in oil and still look as good as new.
  • STEEL SHAFT Staplefords Shovel's, durable, steel shaft is perfect for heavy-duty work. This shovel is easy to use being well balanced and sturdy without being heavy. Overall, this is a sturdy, heavy duty garden shovel that is suitable for a wide range of heavy duty jobs.