Reinforced Steel Pick Axe Grubbing Cutter Mattock


  • ① FORGED STEEL BLADE - The reinforced forged steel blade is an alloy of carbon and iron that is compressed under extreme pressure to make a very hard and strong substance - hardened and tempered for durability.  The bonus of forged steel is that the metal becomes stronger than equivalent types that are cast or machined. 
  • ② HARDWOOD HANDLE - Harder woods are more resistant to dents and dings than softer woods. This is the main reason why fine furniture, cabinets, and premium trim work are usually made of hardwood. Hardwood simply stands up better to everyday use and abuse.  
  • ③ HANDLE DESIGN - The hardwood handle is designed so it can harnesses the downward force of a swing
  • ④ LANDSCAPING - A wide range of tasks that fall under the remit of landscaping can be undertaken with the use of a pick axe. Normal soil that has become dry and hardened can normally be broken up with a shovel. However, this will be more difficult when it comes to hard clay and hard rocky-type soils. Using the sharp end of the axe will enable you to break up the materials so that it can be removed as necessary
  • ✔ FARMING - The axe can be used as a tool to help with lifting items that are necessary as part of the farming process. Lifting and dragging items such as hay bales and sacks of feed can be made easier with the leverage that can be provided by the axe.